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LGBT Tours

We specialize in handling tours for the LGBT community. Tourism is growing rapidly in India and we want to welcome our LGBT brothers and sisters to safely explore our beautiful country.

We have more than four years experience in catering to LGBT clients in India and Nepal. We truly understand the needs of this community and the importance of giving our clients their own space to celebrate private moments in a most relaxed manner without the fear of any discrimination of any kind.

We feel LGBT tours are not really any different from any other tour. What all of our clients expect is proper hospitality and respect so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams. Our team works with you at every step before and during your trip in an almost invisible manner to make your Incredible India experience truly memorable ! Starting from our trained managers who assist in planning your trip to our drivers to your tour guides to the choicest hotels that we can select, everyone on our team knows what our clients need – respect, comfort, privacy and a sense of adventure.

We research every aspect of our tour packages while designing to ensure all our services are worth your money. We understand the issues & concerns of LGBT community traveling in India, so we offer you a complete unforgettable experience of colorful India.

All our tour programs come with special features for our LGBT friends to make you feel special. We promise to make your tour extraordinary. We will make ourselves available 24 / 7 once your trip is scheduled for any questions you may have and we are always keeping track of your progress directly or indirectly once you arrive in India.

Once our clients get connected to us, we are so fulfilled and rewarded that they keep coming back as our guests. Our clients always say they have no worries in our care because they can just sit back and let us do all of the preparation and work. That way you can read about your destinations, get excited, learn about your camera, and let us, the tour experts, take care of every other detail ! From the moment you arrive in India, you are in the hands of our specialists on the ground, ensuring the best of what India has to offer in every way to our LGBT friends. You have only your bags to pack, and we will take care of everything else. Let's get started making your dreams come true !